Our Team



Eby Manor is family owned and operated by Jim & Ruth Eby, along with their son and daughter-in-law Ben & Sheri. 

Jim does a bit of everything, looking after the overall business with Ruth. Ben & Sheri are responsible for the farming operations and their kids contribute to the daily farming activities.


In addition to the Eby family, we have one full time barn worker. Jaclyn has been with us for about 4 years now.



Our Executive Assistant Reuben Eby and our Assistant Manager & Marketing Specialist Grace Bull, share the responsibility of operating Eby's Dairy Market. Reuben tends to the bookkeeping and administrative duties, while Grace manages our social media and daily business operations alongside Jim.

Both Jim and our driver Raja provide regular deliveries to our partners within our delivery zone. This includes retail stores, restaurants and cafés through the Tri-City and surrounding areas.

Together, we enjoy working to provide you with your favourite local A2 Guernsey milk products!

Jim Eby


Grace Bull

Assistant Manager & Marketing Specialist

Reuben Eby

Executive Assistant