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Family-Owned Business

In 1959, Eby Manor Farm was purchased by Jim’s father

Howard. The farm is now jointly owned by Jim and Ruth Eby, as well as Ben and Sheri Eby. Other family members also contribute to the farming and business activities. 

Our first batch of milk was processed and bottled in May of 2012. The inspiration to brand and market our milk was motivated by the unique qualities and benefits of Guernsey milk. One of the major benefits of our products is that it contains 100% A2 protein.


It has been so rewarding to witness how impactful the benefits of A2 protein milk are for people who previously suffered from milk sensitivities due to a protein intolerance.

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Eby Manor A2 Golden Guernsey milk is produced on our local family farm in Waterloo, by 60 registered milking Guernsey cows. Our Guernsey milk and dairy products are 100% A2 which is non inflammatory, allowing many people with milk sensitivities to consume our products without any adverse effects. In order to keep up with demand, we also receive milk contributions from Mar-Ley Farms. Both our cows and Mar-Ley Farms cows have all tested 100% A2. 

Click here to learn more about the advantages of A2 Guernsey milk. 

Our products are available directly from our farm at Eby's Dairy Market, as well as over 200 stores throughout the Tri-City, GTA and surrounding areas. We also supply many local restaurants and cafés with our products.

Founder Jim Eby

Hear all about our farm, products and business processes from our founder himself!

*This video was filmed in 2018, before we added 10% cream to our product line. Some product packaging has been updated from what is shown in the video.

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