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What is
A2 Guernsey milk?

A2 Casein/Protein

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The majority of Guernsey cows produce milk containing the A2 beta-casein protein (the lesser known A protein). There is growing anecdotal evidence that individuals with illnesses that generally cannot tolerate milk or are exacerbated by milk, can both tolerate and benefit from drinking Guernsey milk with the A2 protein.

Every cow in our barn and at Mar-Ley Farms have tested 100% A2.

It’s being said that A2 protein milk is better for allergies such as gut (including irritable bowel symptoms), skin rashes, hay-fever and cough, and some even suggest that some children with behavioural conditions may benefit from A2 protein milk.

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Benefits of Guernsey Milk


Beta-carotene is an antioxidant and a great immunity booster. The body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A, which helps to maintain healthy skin and eyes.


Eby Manor milk comes from our family farm in Waterloo Ontario.
Our neighbour Mar-Ley Farms contributes to our milk volume to keep up with demand.


Calcium is the key supportive element for strong bones and teeth. The World Guernsey Cattle Federation notes that Guernsey milk contains 33% more vitamin D and 15% more calcium than average milk.


Our cows and Mar-Ley Farms cows have a GMO-free diet. We grow non-GMO crops and source only non-GMO nutrition from our local feed mill.


"I have seen firsthand, a clinically significant difference between Eby Manor’s milk and regular store bought milk. A good many of my patients have been able to tolerate this Guernsey milk regardless of their long term history of dairy sensitivity. This milks make up has a medically relevant difference in its protein content. The casein protein is of the A2 type instead of A1. It is this distinction that has allowed many of my patients to enjoy milk on their cereals once again!"

Dr. Jennifer Charron, ND / Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine / Waterloo


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