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  • Where can I return my empty Eby Manor bottles?
    You can return your clean Eby Manor bottles to Eby's Dairy Market or any of our retailers to receive a $2 refund per bottle. Please recycle your bottle caps. All of our retailers are listed here. *Eby's Dairy Market only accepts Eby Manor bottle returns. Glass bottles under other brand names will not be accepted.
  • Why are some Eby Manor bottles labelled as A2, while others are not?
    For a while, there will be a mix of Eby Manor bottles both with and without A2 labelling. We are in the process of phasing out all Eby Manor bottles without the A2 label. Regardless of this difference in labelling, all Eby Manor milk is 100% A2.
  • Is Eby Manor milk organic?
    Eby Manor milk is GMO free.
  • Does Eby Manor milk contain hormones or antibiotics?
    We do not use hormone additives or treatments to increase growth or milk production. Growth hormones are prohibited in Canada. Eby Manor milk is free of antibiotics. We only use antibiotics when it is absolutely necessary to treat an infection or serious illness. We follow strict protocols when an animal has been treated and maintain records following the treatment. All milk from treated animals is discarded until the milk is free of any antibiotic residue.
  • What do Eby Manor Guernsey's eat?
    When the weather is suitable for them, our cows are let outside to graze. They are fed a high forage ration consisting of hay and corn silage (whole corn plant chopped) supplemented with grain corn for energy, as well as a soybean and canola meal for protein. Minerals are added to the ration to create a complete and balanced diet for our Guernsey cows. The focus of our feed design is to produce milk with a high nutrient quality, rather than high volumes of milk.
  • Does Eby Manor use pesticides?
    After planting, our corn and grain is sprayed with one application of pesticide to kill the weeds. We do not use round up on crops that are going to be consumed.
  • Does Eby Manor sell raw milk and colostrum?
    Eby Manor only sells pasteurized milk, as required by Canadian dairy standards. We pasteurize our milk at the lowest boiling temperature allowed, to avoid scalding the milk and to maintain as much of its nutrient content and flavour. To follow Canadian dairy standards, we do not sell colostrum. We need the colostrum as it is an important element for the development of newborn calves.
  • Does Eby Manor sell butter and heavy whipping cream?
    Not at the moment, we hope to add these items to our range of products as we grow.
  • Does Eby Manor sell eggnog?
    Not yet, we are in the process of working towards developing our own eggnog. We have not sold our own eggnog before.
  • How soon can we expect new Eby Manor products?
    Since we do not have our own processing plant, we are unable to make small batches of various products. Instead, we must meet a minimum order for each product we carry. In order to produce products with a high butterfat content, we need to sell enough of our 2% milk, from where we can source the butterfat.
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