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Taste the Difference of A2 Guernsey Milk

Milk products that are rich and delecious.


About Us

Eby Manor stands proudly as a family-owned and operated dairy farm nestled in Waterloo, ON. We are privileged to have the assistance of our 60 registered Guernsey Cows, and together, we strive to deliver superior A2 Guernsey Milk products consistently. Our range extends from the wholesome 2% milk to the exquisite havarti cheese, with each product crafted from the remarkably rich and creamy Guernsey milk. Experience the undeniable difference in taste that our products offer.

Benefits of A2 Guernsey Milk

Guernsey Cows produce milk that's more than just milk.

It's packed with the rare A2 beta-casein protein, which may be easier on the stomach for those with milk intolerances. But that's not all. Golden Guernsey Milk is a powerhouse of nutrition with higher levels of Vitamin D and calcium. Plus, it's completely GMO free.

Check out our range of products to experience the Guernsey difference!


Trusted by


“I only ever buy milk from here. The family is incredibly kind, and I feel so welcomed going in. Very helpful and they have great recommendations. I’ve tried all their milk, and the taste truly speaks to how fresh it is. I actually made some fresh ricotta with their milk and it was wonderful, so delicious! Even used it in lasagna. I also get my honey from here :) they do bottle returns, so you get (I believe) $2 off as the bottle deposit, which counts towards your purchase. Very sustainable!”

Anna C. / Google Review

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Our products are in retailers across Ontario.

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